Marketplace Pre-Shipping Ideas

Starting out in the eBay Marketplace selling, I thought I could handle all the pre-shipping with out a system. As time has evolved I find now that I am continuously trying to master this pre-shipping system.


One of the ways I have found to be a benefit in this process is to have small containers to pick and put product in. My small container of choice is small plastic shoe box bins that you can find at most stores. If you are like me slowing growing to just purchasing online. Here is where you can find them on Amazon (affiliate link) 

We have all our products on a peg board system that we can pull products from. Once we have all our products assembled in a staging area. The staging area is our shipping table. We can then begin the process of matching up the names on the invoice to postage that needs to be printed. 

Here is a brief video where I share the process on YouTube. Please note: this video is not of good quality and is for information only. All topics and information in the video is shared for ideas and inspiration only. I am not a master of eBay but rather a master in my business. 


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