Starting Small on eBay

Every moment in life comes either in the form of a gift or by chance. I know, that doesn't make much sense but in my mind it does. By the end of this post it should for you too.

Often I get asked how I got into selling on the internet. More specific, how I got into selling fishing flies and lures on eBay. The truth be told, it was all by accident. Really!! It was literally by ACCIDENT. 

In the August of 2002, I was working for a cable construction company traveling around the United States. Our job, mine anyways, was to do upgrades to this wonderful thing we call the internet. The cable system in many areas were not ready to handle the great demand of bandwidth or any type of internet signal. I won't get into the details of the job except it paid well but came at a cost of being away from home.

My girlfriend at the time, now my wife, was growing concerned that I would spend rain days playing Playstation all day in the motel. Once the rain was over my motel room-mate and I would go out in the field and bust out tons of work. The name of the game was to get as much footage in and get paid before the other crews. The more footage you put up. The better the pay and less the others in the crew would be able to do. In all, because we would try and do it all. 

In the midst of wanting to suggestion something more then a Playstation game marathon. My girl had mailed out to me a fishing lure kit she purchased from Cabelas. The kit didn't get used and just sat in a box. Even when I came home from my last traveling job. 

Following that August I would marry my girl. The most important part of my life. October would be a challenge for us as a couple. Birthdays, marriage and so forth. Then an accident. 

See, five days after being married I was going to work to end my cable construction career with that company. Even though it paid well, I could see that this was a lifestyle not for me at the moment. The dream was to get married, have children and then focus on us as a family. On my way to quit my job and start another chapter in life. I rolled my vehicle on the highway. As I was told, the vehicle went 200 feet from the ditch and I went with it out the back window 75 feet. The only thing I can remember is hitting the tail-gate and saying massive words of regret. 

Fast forward, after a month of rehab and getting life back to some what normal. Except now I was wheelchair bound. I remembered that fishing lure kit the lovely lady sent me in South Dakota. I put it together, made fishing lures and said, "Now what?" I looked and looked for a means to find more lure making components. In the process, I thought about this thing called eBay. I had sold a few things in the late 90s, but didn't really have a handle on starting a business with it then. I put a few of the lures up on the selling platform and they sold. Those sales bought more components, which led to more sales and ect....

As the market grew and so did selling fishing lures on ebay. I needed to find a way to shift. So, I started focusing on what the most important part of a fishing lure was and always needed. See, many fisherman think that the gold and glitter on their lure is what catches a fish. The truth is, the hook is what catches the fish. Everything else is an attractant to a fish. 

I started learning how to tie fishing flies and making dressed treble hooks. In doing so, I was able to pull ahead of the eBay competition in the fishing lure category on eBay. Also, I was able to learn a skill that I can't find myself not doing today. The skill is putting fur and feathers on a hook. It's not a noble skill but it has done me well in working towards owning my own time and business. 

To date, my eBay experience has evolved. Selling fishing lures, making hand fl fishing flies, to selling products we purchase just to resell. In many ways, I wouldn't be able to accomplish what I have in nearly 15 years without a few components in my life. A wife that is super supportive, a desire to push and achieve more and platform to sell products many desire.

As alway, if you would like to learn more. Feel free to leave a comment and I would be happy to answer them.


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