Live Bait Vending

Located in Northern Lower Michigan we have a vast access to fishing streams, rivers and lakes. Our business was established in 2002 as a internet retailer. We quickly grew to offer our products to a few brick and mortar sporting good stores. After the down fall of the economy, we decided as a business to focus on filling the need to offer live bait and tackle in areas hard struck by the economy. Village Tackle reached out to the fishing community and looked to keep live bait and tackle available when fisherman needed the most.

As of spring 2012, we started placing our Live Bait and Tackle vending machines at local convenience stores, grocery markets, gas stations and even campgrounds. This has lead to extreme inquiry on how to obtain one of our machines at prospective locations. The easy of use and twenty-four hour purchasing experience is a draw to having one of our machines. We at Village Tackle are passionate about enhancing the fisherman live bait and tackle purchasing experience. Feel free to contact us if you would like to have a Live Bait and Tackle Vending machine placed at your location. 

We are a business passionate about Live Bait and Tackle. Our passion comes from the outdoors of Northern Lower Michigan. As avid fisherman and outdoor enthusiasts, we know how difficult it can be to access the essential items to extend a fishing trip. As operators of live bait and tackle vending machines, we are here to fill the void many sportsman experience after stores close for the day.